Monday, January 24, 2011

Lame ass Monday.

I didn't do a damn thing today. Days like this drive me nuts. I did speak to my daddy he's been drinking too much I can tell. I should have gone to the damn laundry mat today, beings I'm so lazy I had to wash some drawers in the sink and let them dry over a chair. No work tonight and not enough money to go out drinking so I suppose I'll stay home and watch the damn boob tube.
I made a new man friend, his name is Charles. He is a friend of the beef jerky man. He's sweet on me I can tell. I don't know if he knows my time has a price on it. I don't need a boyfriend, I need an old man with plenty of money. I sure could use a cold beer. If I go out I'd only have enough for two or three beers and that ain't enough.
Oh lordy it's dull like the dust today. I guess I'll sign off here and walk down to the wash-a-teria for a load of laundry and a beer anyhow, if I don't get off my ass it'll just get bigger!

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