Saturday, June 30, 2012

Loving Las Vegas!

Hello y'all!!! I've been here,there and every damn where!! Life is pretty good I'm back in Las Vegas!! You know how much I love Vegas! This time I'm working on my own as an escort, no nasty pimp, no dancing just taking calls and living better then I ever have. I got a bag full of good make-up and nice shoes! No slutty dancer shoes! I'm hanging out with Jules too! Her life in Virginia was too boring she got a hold of my daddy and from there she found me in New Orleans. I got so down and out in New Orleans, it was bad. I started smoking crack again and had to pack up and go back to my daddy. I stopped smoking crack as soon as I got home! Jules come with me from Nola and we spent a month with my daddy it was so nice! I started cooking for daddy and my aunt Gaynelle. They love it when we all get together and eat! Jessica my cousin, she dumped her baby daddy and is trying to get child support from him. He's really nice I don't know what happened and it ain't none of my damn business! After about a month I was itching to get back to "work". So me and Jules actually took a bus daddy bought us tickets to Vegas!! We found a cheap motel for $28 a night, it was down by the old strip. Yes, you're right it's sleazy! But the thing about this dump is it has a nice pool I can hardly get Jules out of!! The day we got here she got a job driving a cab. She drives me to and from my dates in it. Well I got to get a shower and meet up with some guy, I promise to update more later :)

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