Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bad decisions.

Hey y'all I was a little messed up the past few days sorry I didn't get a new post up for you. The bitchy sister in room 218, is a crackhead. I spent the last few days smoking with her. I'm so ashamed of myself. Smoking a cigarette outside I smelled it coming from her room. She saw me looking around and called me up :( Jules is so mad at me she left to stay at her friends house for a few days. Oh, what have I done! Jules won't talk to me, I miss her she's my best friend. I did make some money last night dancing for a bachelor party. Made good money spent every damn dime on crack or "crackle" as she calls it. I've got a past with that shit, that and meth. It's so hard to stay sober, I went thru rehab but fall back sometimes. Got to get my shit together and work and make some money. Tonight I'm gonna cruise the casinos looking for a date. All they do is throw you out if they catch you. Free cocktails while your gambling! Shit I gamble everyday with my life! It's a lot like the nickel slots. You ain't losing much!

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