Monday, October 22, 2012

Love to love you baby!

Oh lord happy Monday! I had a pretty good weekend. Got to see Mr. Freddy, he's back in town for business. All of us at the hotel had a barbecue out by the pool. Plenty of beer, Jules did the grilling and I just watched and drank a bunch of beer! The pervert in 118 didn't come he was too busy wearing my damn thongs! Ms Susan came and sat with us, she don't drink beer but she did bring some potato salad. I was having so much fun then Mr.Freddy called wanted to know if I'd be free at 10 o'clock!! Hell ya! Any time Mr. Freddy calls I'm ready! Dinner and a date love that! He usually drops about $400 on me! I wore a halter dress and my red heels, I looked sexy! We had steak for dinner then went up to his room, ordered a movie and hung out for a bit. He's a good lover too! Wish I could find a good man like him to be my boyfriend. I always pick the losers. I'm going shopping later get me some new drawers and maybe some short shorts :)

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