Friday, October 26, 2012

Log splitter!!!!!!!

Oh last night was crazy fun I think? I remember very little! Me and Jules partied like 9th graders with a case of beer!! Went to this dirty little hole in the wall bar that pours 3 for 1 drinks! Well, I started drinking cranberry and vodka then here comes the shots! Jules was drinking rum and coke she likes them. We got trashed! Jules had to carry me to the car! Now my head hurts. This guy that lives at the trailer park behind the motel has been running a damn log splitter all damn day long. It's splitting my head wide open! In a little while were going to go to this dinner buffet at the Excaliber hotel. It's good and only place with good seafood at least I thinks it's the best. No calls yet, I need a date. I did so well with Mr. Freddy I paid the rent and still had money left to party on. I like him. Jules gets to drive this black Lincoln for certain big wigs now, she loves it! Almost like a limo! She's trying to be a limo driver but she got to work her way up for that. I'm gonna change my craigslist now and try to make some cash. Wish me luck!

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