Thursday, October 18, 2012


My life is a mess. I went to the "pink pony" to dance last night. Made a pocket full of money! Paid my rent for two weeks, bought a real sexy thong for work. It's black with rhinestones! So pretty, I'm heading to the mall to get me some boots to match my thong! Me and Jules smoked a blunt now I'm numb. I'm jumping in the pool as soon as I get back! It sure would be nice to get a date now, with some business man who wants to treat me to dinner! I'm so damn hungry! If I don't get a call from my Craigslist ad I'm going back to the pony. I'm sick to death dancing on a bar for money. I'm good at it but I feel like I'm getting to old. So I'm gonna focus on my Craigslist ad. It's much easier and quicker! I shaved my tootie a bit ago, it's growing back and I'm scratching like crack head! I miss my family, my aunt Gaynelle and Jessica, not Terry she's a nasty meth head. They would be disappointed in my choice of careers. Easy money! Once you give yourself away for money you lose all self worth. It gets easier. That makes me numb too.

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