Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If all else fails.

I almost didn't want to talk about my life today. But here I go. Had a date last night, some nasty guy with greasy hair. His old Cadillac smelled like cigars and sweat. He said he's from Vegas, but nobody is from Vegas! I made $80 big deal :( I'm just going through a rough time. Today I did go buy a new bikini, purple with white stripes. Not as cute as the red one. I got a date later with some young guy. They're usually ok but sometimes they last too long! I'm gonna finish this 12 pack before my date. The nice lady next door from me has had it rough too, so I invited her to come drink with me. She had a couple but I could see her getting tired. We spoke about my daddy and it made me call him. He wants me to come home again. I just acted like I didn't hear him. Anyhow, my tan looks good so I know what I'll wear tonight. A strapless hot pink dress and my red high heels. Sexy!! At least I'll look good tonight if all else fails!

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