Sunday, September 1, 2013

Biker BBQ!!

Wooo wee it's hot outside!!! Damn this summer is brutal! I'm at a BBQ at this girl Troubles house. It's off the chain FUN! How about a twenty foot waterside and a yard full of bikers for FUN! There's food but I've been too busy swimming and sunning. Raynella is having fun too she's drinking beer with the boys! My daddy spoke to me yesterday, said he was worried about me catching aids or dieing with a pipe in my hand. Duhhh, he has to know I'm tough and I've been through a lot and can survive my own damn self. This is why I stay gone. I need to get back to Vegas, Ray said she won't let me go she loves me too much, I like that and all but damn I'm getting nowhere here. I love her but I'm not gay just sick of men! She wants me to just stay up in the trailer all day watching soap operas and what not but that ain't me. If I get up to the Truck stop and get my nerve up I'll take off. I always do. I just haven't done it yet. Just gettin high and living one desperate moment to the next.

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