Sunday, August 25, 2013

Raynella and me.

Well I'm alright don't pay the ransom!!!! I've been in Kentucky miserable as hell! Got back smoking crack and street whoring bad. I need to get outta here!! I met a female trucker at the truck stop she's my lover and girlfriend. There I said it! I'm tired of men!!! She takes good care of me and is helping me get off this pipe. Daddy's been mad at me as well as the whole family really. The only person who talks to me is Jessica. Her third nipple grew back and she has been wanting to get it removed again. The baby is good tho, she's a good momma! I'm a real mess! I miss Vegas but haven't got back there. Raynella wants me to stay in Kentucky. She's got a nice trailer and property outside of Paris. I stay there sometimes but I stole her power drill and pawned it which caused stress as you might well figure it would. She got it back but there's a trust issue now. I just get high and lay around. She didn't know nothing about my blog! I get to use her lap top to update as long as she's here with me. Whatever! So I stole power drill she don't even use!! I love y'all, write me I need the support right now!

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