Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alone and looking for a man!

        Here I am out of jail, my daddy went home and I'm alone. It's not so bad yet. I'm going out to that bar again tonight. I'm gonna try to get a job as a bartender to make back some of this money I've spent. I hate to say this but I'm lookin' for a man, just for the night. Being locked-up makes you miss sex.

       Teesha still ain't at the number she gave me. It's best if I just get out of town. I need to come up with $100 more. I spent $25 of what daddy gave me to travel with. Just need gas money really, I don't mind sleeping in the truck. I'll let you know what happens, I am so horny if I don't hook-up with someone I'll explode! I'm gonna set the trap on that guy tonight!

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