Monday, January 12, 2009

Daddy's leaving :(

    Daddy is going back home today.  Him and Terry Lee will ride back together in the Monte Carlo.  I'm sad already, and he ain't leaving till after dark.  We're fixin' to go to the pawn shop and get a camera, daddy said I need one when I travel.  He was gonna give me his but I told him to keep it.  I tried to call Teesha today to see if she wanted to hang out but the number is disconnected.  I'll probably loose her.

    The pawn shop is right across the street from the bar we went to last night.  Daddy wants to get a few drinks in him before he heads out, so we'll get the camera and have a few beers together before he leaves.  I wish Teesha could meet us there, she'd like my daddy.  I'm gonna keep trying her number.  

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