Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Look I painted my toenails!

It is cold here today! I do not have a jacket. That money daddy left me is burnin' a hole in my pocket, I'm craving things that get me messed up. No sun to lay out in, tv was boring, I'm getting bored and that always gets me in trouble. I was hungover today. So the best thing is to start back drinkin' again. I went for a drive, picked-up a six pack, filled-up the truck it cost me damn near $40! I got to stop spendin' my trip money!

Maybe I'll hear about a job soon I applied at a couple of bars. I don't need it but for a few days. Can't buy drinks tonight neither, going out looking sexy as I can hopefully that man will pay for my drinks. My toenails are lookin' good, don't you think so?

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