Sunday, January 11, 2009

Me and Daddy went out drinking.

        Me and daddy went out for beers last night.  Man it was great to be out in a bar!  We went to this place called His -n- Hers lounge near the hotel.  I talked to some girl and this guy asked daddy if I could dance with him.  He said no at first then after he bought us a bucket of beer daddy said yes.  We danced to Sweet home Alabama, I love that song.  That girl in the pictures has real titties, I asked her about 'em cuz I thought they was fake.  

      I forgot how good it feels to have a buzz.  When you're locked up your mind has nothing but time to go through things you've done up till then.  You can think but you can't feel.  I felt my head vibratin' to the music, I felt the Bud making me warm and dizzy, in jail you loose your feel of things.  It's important to feel things.  I had a lot of fun being out on the town.  Now I'm out of cigarettes and I don't want to ask daddy for any of his.

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