Monday, January 26, 2009

My name is Monique, can I dance for you?

Look at me go! I stole them shoes from a thrift store. I got hired to work right away which was a surprise 'cause I know I smell like beer. I'm gonna dance my ass off and make me some money to get out of here. This girl that works here named Patrice said I could come over to her house and get a shower. She's so nice. I need to stop drinking and clear my head.

The bar owner said if me and Patrice made up some fliers and passed them out we could get some extra money. So she took some pictures of me dancin' and we used the copier in the office to make up a bunch and then went out wandering around inviting men out to see us at the club. My stage name is "Monique", which I think is a beautiful name way better then Mary.

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