Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm free! Las Vegas or bust!!

Woo wee that was not fun!
I do not like jail! I got out early this morning about 8:30 and I saw daddy waiting for me! I have missed him soooo much! We spent the day at the Budget Inn just talking and sitting by the pool. It was a bit too cold for swimming but I did get started on my tan. We went to the Goodwill and got me some new clothes. My stuff I left at the ladies house where I was livin' is gone. My boyfriend had his new girlfriend in there and they went through all my stuff and took what they wanted.

Daddy saved back some money and brought $175 so I could get gas on the way. I gotta get to work and make more before I leave. My aunt Gaynelle gave me her old lap top for Christmas, daddy brought it along with other stuff I got for Christmas. My nanny got me underwear and socks, Brenda Gail, she's been daddy's neighbor for 20 years, got me some french vanilla lotion for my legs and Jessica and her momma got me a real pretty purse from Avon with a matching change purse. I feel truly blessed! My life is full of loved ones and I intend to impress them someday with all the money I'm gonna make.

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