Friday, January 9, 2009

Last night in hell!

The excitement is like Christmas!!! My EOS or end of sentence is tomorrow and I'll be out of this hell hole. Daddy came to visit me tonight he's stayin' at the Budget Inn right down the street from the jail. He got a room for the weekend and said we could relax and hang out there together. If he can get a few extra bucks he'll get me a week there to get ready before I leave for Las Vegas. I truly can't believe I'm going all the way to Las Vegas!!!

Teehsa is afraid to go. Her momma is looking forward to her being here and she said she wants to go but her family is a big part of her life. Mine ain't, I don't even know my momma and don't care too. She said if we do go all the way to the bunny ranch she won't work there. She found a job in a can making factory in a city called Phrump or something like that. It's in the same town as the bunny ranch I'm going to work at. I love Teesha and don't want to go by myself.

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