Sunday, January 11, 2009

That's my new truck.

      Today the truck daddy fixed-up for me arrived.  My cousin Terry Lee drove it down to Florida for me, daddy couldn't get the fuel pump fixed in time.  Besides daddy don't need to put anymore stress on his psyatic nerve.  I can't tell daddy it looks ugly, but it is.  He put that window shaker in to keep me cool in Las Vegas 'cuz he said it gets over 100 degree out there in the summer.  I love the idea daddy fixed it up for me.

     Finally I got that jail smell off me.  I shaved my legs and next week I'm dying my hair blonde!  I want to look more Vegas and less Kentucky.  Not that I'm not proud of my roots but I need to make sure they see me as grown.  I spent $25 today at Walmart, it was nice to shop in a big store like that.  I got some new bras,  jean shorts, coral pink blush, and honey dip lip gloss.  I'm gonna lay out and get a suntan tomorrow and try to get this old lap top in better shape.

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