Thursday, January 15, 2009

I got a job!

     You will not believe this!  I was out drinkin' last night and that girl with the big titties was working.  I found out her momma owns the place and was talking and stuff and I told her I needed a job and one of her bartenders is pregnant, so one drink after another and I got the job!!!  I start today!  I am so happy! Today was gonna be the day I dyed my hair but I'll wait now.

     Oh I gotta tell yall somethin' else too.  I got laid!  It wasn't my normal kinda guy, he's older and has money.  He bought my drinks all night, we danced and talked and had a good time.  He don't live here he lives in Tennessee, travels here a lot for business.  He liked my truck, but we took his car a real nice Cadillac, daddy would love it! I'm not drinkin' today, I gotta watch myself.  Being locked up for so long and now back to drinkin' I'm kinda green!  Can't wait till later!

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