Saturday, January 31, 2009

Miss Bettie my friend on the bus :)

I forgot how much I hate ridin' a bus anywhere. Damn, I slept all the way to Houston and now I got to wait here at this filthy bus station till the next one comes cause I missed mine. This nice lady let me sit by her, she hums religious songs so nice it put me to sleep. I need to wash my hair, it smells like smoke. This bus stop has a shower but it is nasty. Maybe the next one will be nicer.

I dreamt about Las Vegas. I can't wait to see the lights and play on the slot machines. My great Aunt Ginny use to love them slots. Once she came out to Las Vegas from Mississippi and won $2,000! She was hooked after that! Spent nearly $200,000 trying to win more before she died at 92 years old. She was my favorite Aunt.

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