Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleepin' at Patrice's Momma's house.

Damn, I did not realize how out of shape I was till I started this! My thighs and calves are killin' me! The good news is I've made damn near $500 shaking what my daddy give me! It was hard work but it gets me ready for the Bunny Ranch. You know bein' flirty and sexy all the time. I just spent 30 days in an orange jumpsuit so sexy clothes are somethin' new!

Patrice has this thing going with a bartender in the quarter and she said If I help her we can make a bunch of money just like that. See I gotta stand out on Canal St. and talk to men with business suits on. Then convince them to have a drink with me where the bartender that Patrice knows works. There he slips him a mickey and me and Patrice act like we wanna have sex with him. Then we go back to his hotel room and by then he'll be almost passed out then she said we rob him. I think I might just leave town before we get that game goin'. I mean I like Patrice but that kinda shit can go wrong and I ain't going back to jail.

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