Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday night party and new friends!

      I had so much fun Saturday night with my new friends Peaches and Sonya!  We partied all night! I met them up at the bar and we drank and danced with Peaches cousin and then we come back to my room for a little after party.

     Now in the past I have had a little trouble with drugs.  I try to avoid bein' in places that dope might show up in but I truly did not know Peaches cousin was a crackhead.  After drinking till the bar closed he suggested we get high and I said yes.  I spent too much money and I feel like shit.  

      Today I'm going over to Sonya's mommas house for dinner, she feels sorry for me that I'm here all alone, and that her crackhead cousin made me spend my money.  They are havin' a Bar be Que, I sure miss home cooked food.  I'm gonna try to make somethin' to bring.  I make a good macaroni salad.  

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