Friday, February 20, 2009

Dancing on the moon!

Can you believe it I have made it all the way to New Mexico?? Keshia and Patsy are in a show tonight at this bar with a bunch of other he/shes. When they get dressed up and start prancin' around they look so good! I wonder if there are men out there who don't know that they are men underneath all that make-up. I have had so much fun traveling with them!

This place is weird! New Mexico looks like the moon, all rocks and mountains, no grass or bushes. Who would have thought me from Paris, Kentucky would be all the way out here?? I'm down to my last $10, tonight it's all business to come up with some more money. I feel different, I'm a fish outta water and it's a good thing. I'm getting ready for this show and it's something I never saw coming. Finally I'm living my life!

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