Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I got answers now....duh!!!

Woooooo, I feel like a big silly girl!! We all stayed at Christina/Christian's house last night we had a party after the club show and Patsy said I passed out. When I woke up they had gone in to town to get some goodies for the trip. We are officially on our way to Las Vegas!!! Patsy said it wouldn't take too long from here. I called the Bunny Ranch and told them where I was, I am so embarrassed it took me so long to get this far!

Keisha is gonna dye my hair up pretty so I'll be looking my best at the Bunny Ranch. Patsy has some nice things for my hair and a matching halter top that everyone says looks better on me then on her! I'm actually nervous!! I got my whole outfit picked out; some cute Daisey Dukes, this green sequin halter top with matching barrettes, and my lucky dancin' shoes from when I was in New Orleans! It's so close now!! We stopped at a rest stop somewhere in Arizona and after I talked to this lady forever I took her picture! She reminds me of my boyfriend's momma's sister Pam.

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