Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We made it all the way to NE-VA-DA!!!

I am overcome with excitement! I have made it all the way to Nevada!!! I did something other then live in Kentucky, go to jail and pick bad men to run with! I hate to say this but I want to get high. Patsy and Keisha don't smoke dope but I need a hit to get me through this!!! We're all so tired and we need to stop for a rest. Them girls both need to shave! They both have shows in a show bar in Vegas, they are so excited about that!! Someone has got to have dope in Las Vegas. I didn't spend my last $10, so guess if I had to I could spend it now.

I'm gonna call daddy and let him know I made it. He is so excited for me!  We are checked into this hotel the girls have a least a week of work here and they'd like to stay longer but I'm itchn' to get to the Bunny Ranch. It's been a little hard not tellin' him what I'm really doing here. He thinks I'm working as a baker. I'm gonna work as hard as I can and make as much as I can to show him I can do it on my own! But first I want to get high.  

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