Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look at me and my new friend Doris workin'!

I made a new friend today!!! She is so sweet and yes she's a midget or dwarf or whatever you call 'em but she's also a "workin" girl. I met her at the laundry mat this morning. We talked about boyfriends, my daddy, her daddy and workin' the street here. We drank damn near a bottle of vodka today just washing clothes. We laughed about her short legged pants and my raggedy clothes and had a good time! She has only been in Vegas for two months and never thought about workin' in a bunny ranch. I told her to come out with me, some people would be looking for someone different you know to "date".
I have got to make some money. I spent all my money and I am broke. Patsy and Keisha want me to help them tonight with their show and that's cool, I don't mind helpin' them. I love them two girls. Oh do you like my new blonde hair? Patsy did it she cut it too, I'm not too sure I like it yet. When they get back and all these clothes are clean they are going to be so happy. They're like sisters to me, with penis's.

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