Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Workin' hard with Doris and eatin' donuts!

   Damn the last few days have been real busy.  Me and Doris have been workin' so much! It's addictive, you meet so many and it's easy to just stay out there!  I probably made $600!  Doris is my new best friend, her boyfriend is in jail and she's stayin' in Vegas till he gets out.  We make a good team me and her.  She watches my back and I got hers.  I found out we both love donuts so every day after we get ready we meet up at this donut place to get something to eat before we hit the streets.  I'm havin' such a good time here!

    Patsy and Keisha are doin' real good too.  Their show is being extended so we got the the room for a month now.  I've been helpin' them and since I got my own money now I paid my 3rd of the room.  It feels nice to be able to support myself.  I called daddy and told him about Doris.  He said he dated a midget girl back in high school.  "They's the same as the rest of us" he said it over and over. I just never knew one close before and now I do.  

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