Sunday, February 8, 2009

Left at Burger King near Viginia :(

Well, I've been sittin' at this Burger King since Saturday morning and I ain't since Chris since. We was gonna get some coffee and hit the road and while I was in the bathroom she left! Can you believe this psycho-dyke?? Just 'cause I wouldn't put out she put me out! I told her I don't really go that way and I was so high on that shit, I was flirtin' with the men there and they were buying all my drinks and she got real mad. We couldn't sleep so we ended up with some dudes smoking weed till morning. Oh jesus please tell what I will do now?

I've been sitting here almost 24 hours. They haven't told me to leave yet but I feel like a bum. My skin is gross feelin' and I'm still not hungry, crystal always fucks me up and leaves me stranded. I talked to my cousin Jessica today, I didn't tell her about the mess I'm in. I mostly let her talk; she has a new boyfriend, she bought a new pair of church shoes, her friend Bobbi Joe is pregnant and on and on. I'm gonna clear my head and get the hell out of here today. I got to get back on track!

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