Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 way with the Russia guy, Doris and some other guy.

Last night was crazy. I mean it, I am out of control. Patsy and Keisha came back from L.A last night and there was me and Doris, some guy she's been hanging out with and that guy in the picture from yesterday by the pool. I felt sorry for him because he's here in Las Vegas for business from Russia and don't know anyone and needed a friend, so here I am. We all got super trashed and had a 4 way which I only remember after Doris told me about!

I do have some money now, not a lot but enough for cigarettes and breakfast. I think I stole some money from Veldi. That's the guy from Russia's name. It's longer then that like Veldimatridoodoo or something. He's gross, but got deep pockets. I don't want to remember what he didn't pay me enough to do to him! Patsy said I need to get to that Bunny Ranch before I get in to some real trouble, she's right. Maybe tomorrow I'll do that.

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