Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wasted pool side

Hey there. I am fucked up. I been fucked up now for days. Last I got with you I was back from the mall with a fresh pedicure and out to a club to get drunk. Someone told everyone it was my birthday I'll call that "someone" my lil' Doris, and I got drinks bought for me all night! This guy Pete wanted to hang out with us and needed some crystal so Doris called her guy from what she told me, I don't remember much and we been loaded since.

Today I'm getting a suntan by the pool. We were at the mall and I got a new bathing suit and a bunch of new clothes. Daddy thinks I got a job at the Excalibur in e kitchen. He's tellin' everyone back home in Kentucky. I really don't feel bad about lying to him yet. I'll work tonight and make some money I hope I spent all he money I had, $1,000 just like that. Crystal meth is going to get me fucked up again, I've got to get my head out of my ass!

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