Saturday, March 21, 2009

Getting ready for my first line-up!

    Well things are just going great here!  I'm suntanning myself all day today!  Tomorrow I'll be part of the line-up!  How exciting!  Today I see the manicure lady she's gonna do my toes too.  That's one of the rules here, you always have to have painted fingernails and toenails.  There's a lot of rules, but nothing too weird.  I've got to shave my pussy hair nice and neat and make sure my legs, arms and arm pits are smooth.  I feel so pampered!

  Some of these bitches here are not nice.  I like Misty, Florence, Robin and Jules that's her in the picture.  She makes a lot of money here!  We talked like teenagers all night and drank at the bar. I got to meet some of the regulars it was fun.  I'm learning to be sexy in a more grown up way.  These girls are so pretty I'll just copy them and see what happens I got high hopes!!!

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