Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm here! I made it! It's soooo beautiful!

    Oh my goodness!  This place is bea-u-ti-ful!  So fancy, pink and red lamps with beads and black velvet couches in the front room, I feel nervous like I'm gonna break something!  When I got here the house momma came right out to meet me and some guy carried in my suitcase.  I had to fill out an application for a license to work there, take a HIV test and do some tax forms and then they treated me to a nice dinner.  One of the girls who works here came to show me around, her name is Misti she's so pretty and seems real nice too.

    I have my own room!  It's decorated old England style, you know like what the queen might have in her room.  I got my own bed with a new bed spread that matches the drapes!  I ain't never lived this good!  I'm gonna rest now and in the morning I get a make over!  That I have to pay for it'll come out of my first weeks pay.  I can't believe I made it here, finally!!! I am so tired, I need a hot bath and some rest tomorrow is gonna be a big day :)

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