Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first day on line-up!!

Today is the big day! I'm tan, my hair looks nice and my toenails and fingernails are bright red! Sex with men I don't know is nothing new but living up to the standard expected of you here is something new. They say if I stick around I should work on my accent and getting my GED it'll help me be more interesting. Jules is on line-up with me today, she told me not to worry about a thing just have fun. She's a big girl but not like you could tell it if you didn't see her. She just strolls like a 100 lb. girl with all the confidence in the world. I'm gonna barrow some of that today!

I'll try to take some picture but they are strict about what and where you can do that here. I'm gonna work as much as I can for the next few days to make some money and pay my rent here. It's not that expensive $45 a week for my room, my hair and make-up expense, and anything I want to eat from the kitchen other then the soup and salad bar which is free :) For someone who barely had birthday parties or Christmas presents this is like paradise!


Anonymous said...

Well there ya go Mary. I knew you could do this. And I meant what I said in my comment back on Dec.30, 2008.
Go for it girl!!
I'd love to ride your little cotton tail.

Ryan said...

OMG you finally got there! I was so sick of waiting. I forget how I found your blog but it's fascinating.