Monday, March 23, 2009

Hi, I'm Mary I'm the new girl.

I got just a minute to update this. I spent most of the day at the clinic with Jules, she had to get something checked. I read up on magazines mostly. Yesterday was a trip! Spent nearly 24 hours in a thong and a nightie or something like it. It's harder then it looks stayin' pretty 24/7. I got picked 4 times, Jules told all the men that came in it was my first day on the job. I paid up my rent, my hairdresser, all my bills and it left me with $400. Not a bad days pay!

It wasn't as bad as the world makes it seem. It went by so fast, I couldn't really "talk-up" my sales but they were all gentle decent men. I've got to get ready for tonight, wearing all black lace and some red high heels! I'm putting my hair up with some pieces hanging down on the sides, it looks good.

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