Saturday, March 28, 2009

Work, sleep, be pretty, big smiles, work, sleep....

        I've been working so hard, I feel like a piece of meat.  Men come in all hours of the day and night, you just have to be ready and all smiles and happy to see them.  The good thing is the money, I'm making a bunch of damn money!  I was told I would but what is my next idea?   What do I buy myself now?

    I sent a box of stuff home to daddy.  I bought him this  fishin' pole he always wanted it was expensive, and I got him some cologne not the cheap Old Spice stuff.  I bought myself a bunch of perfumes, panties, push-up bras and high heels.  All stuff to help me make more money.  The make-up lady at the ranch here name is Shayla, waxed my eyebrows and my upper lip it looks good!  I don't even recognize myself sometimes here.  I'm happy, I guess.  I talked to Patsy on the phone it was nice to talk to her.  She and Keisha are doing good in San Francisco.  Me and Jules are gonna work out in a bit, she said if I'd help her she'd do it.  I miss Kentucky and my daddy mostly.

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