Monday, March 30, 2009

Mo' money, mo' money!!

    Can you believe I am just now gettin' up?  I wasn't gonna work, I was just getting drunk with the girls then off to bed, but a bunch of money showed up and I could not resist!  Some old guys came from Vegas after winning, from what I understand, well over $100,000!!  I was smoking a blunt with Harold a black gentlemen from Fresno, California he got me so high on some "cush" suppose to be real good marijuana.  Anyhow, we were loopy when Jules called me on my phone to tell me these high rollers showed up.

   Harold comes here a lot and even though he really likes Misti he has been spending time with me.  I'm not a racist so it don't bother me but Misti wants to keep him all to herself.  After we got high, Misti came in a took Harold to her room, it was okay for me I wasn't workin' anyhow.  Jules told me these guys wanted four girls and the house momma said I could join in if I wanted to.  We truly did party till 7 am, then had staff bring us breakfast in the hot tub!  I'm going shopping to the fancy mall today.  I am taking today off, I made a bunch of damn money last night!!

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