Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stoned on a Sunday :}

I'm taking tonight off. If I can just sit around and be pretty and not be part of the line-up I'll be good. I'm stoned and lazy and no one wants to drive me to the fancy mall in Pahrump. Saved up damn near $2,200 since I been working!! Can you believe it?? I'm rich! Daddy needs a water pump for his tractor so I'm sendin' him the money in a nice card I picked out special just for my daddy. I miss him so much.

I'm smellin' food and it smells damn good! Mr. Vince showed up here last night, he's a rich guy from Texas. He came and had a party and spent a bunch of money, I think we're having a cook out for him. That is steak on the grill I'm smellin'. He had four girls in the luxury suite and then he spent the night. That was $10,000 or damn close to it. The good thing about that was it took four girls off the floor and kept me and Jules busy. Yawnnnn...., I need a pick me up but I ain't even thought about drugs. This is living in the lap dance of luxury!

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