Friday, April 10, 2009

Bobby Jack stopped by :(

    Well, I'm ready to go back to Las Vegas.  Bobby Jack, my ex-boyfriend the one who left me in Florida and never told me the car was stolen stopped by last night to see my daddy.  He heard I was in town.  What makes him think I ever want to see him again after all he's put me through?  I wasn't here I went to the the A&P to get a 12 pack where I saw Missy this girl I've known forever.  Me and Missy went to her house and drank that 12 pack.  With that lortab it put me out there so silly, when I got home and there was Bobby Jack I almost punched him in his face.

    No one is the wiser to what I'm really doing out in Nevada.  They all easily believe I got a good job working in the kitchen of a brothel.  Hell I think half these hillbillies don't even know what a brothel is.  My ticket is open ended so can go back when I'm ready which is gonna be soon.  I love my daddy but the town is closing in on me.  I got to get back to work soon my money is running low.

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