Thursday, April 9, 2009

Catfish for dinner!

I swear I have done nothin' but eat and sleep since I been home. I helped Aunt Gaynelle today while daddy was busy pulling a transmission with his friend Bobby. We cleaned some peas for dinner, tonight everyone is coming over to eat. Danny caught a mess of catfish and my aunt Jewel is bringing banana puddin' which is my favorite. It's nice being here with everyone but I feel like I've grown up some.

My arm is fucking killing me! I can't do anything, but I take a lortab and feel so fine. My cousin Danny gave me some pills he gets. He is special, like short bus special, anyhow he got a prescription of something to keep him calm and the pharmacy gave him the wrong directions on how to take it. He was taking twice the normal amount and got these weird red stretch marks all over his body. After a two year lawsuit he ended up with about $450,000. He'll be alright he just don't go swimming without a t-shirt.

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