Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I broke my arm at the airport! Kentucky feels weird :(

What a trip so far! I love and hate Kentucky. The day I got here I fell off the tram that takes you to your luggage, I broke my friggin' arm and scrapped up my face. How stupid I must look to daddy after all this time. The airport took me to the hospital to have it set and I got a perscrip for lortab. All patched up now I went to see my daddy.

Daddy was shocked and surprised to see me! I told him I fell in the kitchen at work and broke my arm, he thinks I got a few days off and just came to see him. All is well now, my cousin Jessica came to see me I love her so much. She just started her period and I'm so afraid she and Dwayne her boyfriend are gonna end up parents before they need to be. Jesse come by, she's my slutty older cousin who's all fucked up on meth, she left her baby at Aunt Gaynelle's about two weeks ago. Between Daddy and Aunt Gaynelle they take care of her. She's only 8 months old. This life here is so draining, I want to go back to Nevada already. Me and Mindy are gonna sit on this porch and let the wind blow through us and relax. My home has shifted and I'm not sure where that is right now.

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