Monday, April 27, 2009

Kentucky Fried Chicken will help.

Sitting here cryin' is not getting me anywhere. I have got to get my shit together once again. I found this dump to stay in for the night, I really just wanted a shower more then anything. It smells nasty in here, you can tell people smoke crack and everything else in here. The windows are so dirty I can't see out of 'em. Even though it don't seem to matter I'm going outside to smoke and watch the freaks roll by.

I still haven't called daddy or Jules yet, I just ain't ready to tell them what's happened. I am so embarrassed. How did I screw this up? Damn I need a six pack and some greasy chicken to make me feel normal again. I'm going out to get me chicken and beer and then I'll call daddy and Jules. I'll be alright.

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