Monday, April 27, 2009

Wandering in LA. made it to Hollywood Blvd

    I've made it to a dirty Chinese restaurant somewhere near Hollywood Blvd.  I have about $300 dollars and I'm going to try and get a room for the night here somewhere so I can clean myself up and call Jules.  I'm still so confused.  What happended? Wonton soup does wonders for settling an angry stomach.  

   After I get the room, I'm callin' daddy to tell him where I'm at.  He told me everybody here is crazy.  No one has been very nice to me so far.  I tried to get a ride, I must be made outta glass 
'cause no one stopped.  I walked and walked to get this bowl of soup.  Willie is a heroin addict and I did it with him.  I feel like the dirtiest piece of shit on the planet.  Bein' a whore isn't this nasty.  Hollywood Blvd. is kinda cool, always wanted to see it.  Didn't think I'd be seein' it like this.  I need cigarettes and they are so damn expensive here!

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