Sunday, April 26, 2009

Willie left me in LA :(

    Oh lord. I am stuck in LA. I don't remember much of Saturday and I just woke up alone with my backpack.  I'm not real sure where I am in LA, I just remember Willie and his friends being here and now no one is here and this house looks vacant.  WTF.  How have I messed things up now?  I am so groggy and sick feelin'.  I haven't eatin' since I got here and I've got to get my shit together.

  This house I'm sittin' in is for sale and it's on a street called Laurel Cannon or something.  No furniture just a few blankets left on the floor and syringes.  Willie is a heroin junkie!  Jesus love a duck have I screwed up big time!  I let some dirty heroin head bring me all the way to LA and leave me here in this vacant house surrounded by shit that could get me arrested!  I have to leave this house and get my ass back to the Bunny Ranch before something worse happens.

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