Tuesday, May 26, 2009

.....and we're off! :) :) :)

    Today don't have to be the best day ever.  As a matter of fact I'm okay with it being just an average day that's hotter then I remember days bein'.  We sat at the Dairy Queen next to the gas station for a while drinkin' beer.  After a few beers it doesn't matter where your going but I wanted out of that hot parking lot.  I went inside to pee and Jules started a conversation with this guy, he's going to Reno, Nevada.  After I picked up a 12 pack, our new driver Mario, said he's take us as far as he was going.

    This little car he has is fun to ride in.  He says he gets damn near 40 miles to the gallon.  I think he's kinda a hippy.  Jules is sweet on him, he flirts with her and she's flirtin' with him.  Good! She could use a little attention!  He said were gonna stop in Carson City.  Cool!  I haven't been there before, why not!

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