Monday, May 25, 2009

Jules is going with me!!

    Shit fire and save the matches Jules is comin' with me!!!  After thinking all day about it she said she wanted to "just do it" like a pair of Nikes!!  I am so excited, we are gonna jump trains and catch rides with truckers and whatever but we'll be out there and be seein' the country!  I got to show her how to travel she's wantin' to carry too much stuff.  I left most of my stripper/slut clothes to Mona and the other girls here at the bunny ranch.  I am takin' that tiny pink g-string I stole from Trashy Lingerie in Hollywood.  As small as it is it brought me back up on my feet, it's good luck!

    Ms. Ruthie said if I ever want to come back to the bunny ranch she would let me.  She understands the need to just get free.  She turned 62 today we had cake and it almost made me change my mind about leavin'.  You know how much I love birthday cake :) I know somewhere out there is a cure for me, I need to go out and look for it.  Marcus said he'd take us into Vegas and we can go from there.  I've got $600 that should take me far! When Jules is ready we're leavin', it'll be the right thing to do.

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