Thursday, May 28, 2009

San Francisco to see where Ben and Jerry are from! Cool!

    So far so good!  We're still with Mario he's a really nice guy.  He's takin' to Jules just like I did.  He said she's so much fun and I have to agree with him!  There's some place in Oregon he wants to take us it's a cult where we can stay and live for a while.  I guess that don't sound so bad, my mind is about the only thing I haven't sold or given away yet!!  He said if we stick by him will stop in San Francisco and see where Ben and Jerry are from.

   Just riding in his car and the cool California wind in my face, I get to ride in the back seat 'cause I'm the shortest.  I have rested and cleared all the the "negative vides" from my head Mario told us about negative vibes.  We have been smoking a lot of weed!!  It's all good, we're free on the road and it's fun!  I'm calling daddy later, I feel good!!

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