Sunday, May 17, 2009

Attorney + hookers = $$$$$

     I am waking up too early for as busy as I was last night!  I should be sleepin' in but my eyes just opened when I smelled biscuits and gravy.  Beatrice makes a big breakfast on Sundays sometimes and this morning she did it up right!  I may eat and lay back down.  I'll work tonight, Sundays are usually laid back just regular Joe's.  I'll call daddy when I'm out by the pool and I know he's at aunt Gaynelle's for dinner.

     Them attorneys are weirdos!  This one guy wanted me to wear these big baby shoes and call him daddy and act like a baby.  Whatever dude, as long as it's not anal! He was one of the company's top real estate attorneys, he said he's bought and sold Las Vegas a 100 times.  Wasn't much on look but a nice guy, he said he doesn't have a girlfriend, I believe that.  We talked for damn near an hour with these crazy shoes on my feet.  He said he'd come see me again, regulars are good to have especially really rich ones.

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