Sunday, May 17, 2009

The whiskey brewer.

    Look at me with a nice suntan!  I look "California"!  Just need me some big fake titties and some blond hair.  I spent most of the day outside by the pool with Jules, it was a little overcast but still nice out.  We talked about Willie and maybe going by that shop he works at and startin' some shit.  Maybe I'd feel better about myself if I got back at him.  

   I got picked one time today.  Probably because I was outside in my bikini and when I came inside my nipples got rock hard and were stickin' out perfect for line-up.  I love how they look pierced.  This guy who picked me was a whiskey brewer from Tennessee, he retired 6 months ago and spends his time in a Winnebago travelin' the country.  He said he liked my accent and it reminded him of the girls back home.  I've been to Tennessee before, it's okay didn't see too much worth stayin' for.  Anyhow, he left his wife at the mall and came all the way out to the bunny ranch for the day.  I shook him for $1,100 wonder what his poor wife got at the mall?  Probably not that much!

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