Saturday, May 16, 2009

Home sweet whorehouse.

   I have rested all day.  It's nice to be back somewhere safe and clean.  After I got a good nights rest I signed on to work the afternoon and evening shift.  It's so easy here, I laid out in the sun and just waited to hear the call for line-up.  The salad bar and soup is free while you're working so I ate lunch and just relaxed.  Mona had me cracking up about this guy she's been seeing, you know we all had to get caught up since I was gone.

  Today I got tested and swabbed to make sure I could work.  All was good, and I feel better knowing I'm clean.  LA made me feel dirty and like a whore.  Might have something to do with my first 24 hours there.  Miss V loved my new boots, I'm wearin' them tonight there's a special party for these attorneys.  I was thinking about calling daddy but maybe tomorrow, he'll be at aunt Gaynelle's for Sunday dinner and I can talk to her and Jessica too.  Now just more of the same, primp, and be pretty and ready. It's a good day so far.

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