Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birds of a feather.

   I have decided to go back to the bunny ranch in the morning.  LA is gettin' under my skin and I don't like to live this way.  Jules is wantin' to get back and beat Willie up for leaving me in LA anyhow.  I don't care about that anymore, I mean I got to see LA and live here for a bit. Them boots I got will make me a lot of money back at the ranch, here I'll just wear 'em out dancing on a stage for way less money!

      Earlier I got a couple of dime bags from the boy at the end of the motel.  Sittin' here waiting for him to come back to serve me I noticed his momma and him have lived in that room a long time.  I can't live here like his bird, in  a cage watching all the rich people live high on the hog while I live in a dirty motel sellin' my ass to continue livin' in a dirty motel. Making it here is so low to how we were livin', why stay here and be motel trash?  I feel sorry for that little fella, both of them.

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