Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blue Wednesday :(

    Today I just don' feel like working.  We're all goin' to Las Vegas to hang out and burn up some money.  Jules is gonna find Willie while we're there, we need to find out what his problem is.  Mona is planning on seeing her boyfriend and I just want to get drunk.  I'm wearin' the boots too!  I love those camo boots, my daddy would too. 

   My depression is worse then it was.  Drinkin' and playin' pool might help.  Mona's boyfriend lives in Vegas she said we could all come there after we hit the casinos.  He's got a big pool table and plenty of liquor.  I'm having a hard time feeling like I belong anywhere.  Sometimes I hear a voice in my head tellin' me to go home to Kentucky, have a baby, just grow roots and stop all this.  It's not for me, but what is?  Bein' a whore?  Something else has got to be out there for me.

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